Immediate Plans for

The Maurice D. Hinchey Catskill Interpretive Center--

1. To build a facility to house the Maurice D. Hinchey Catskill Interpretive Center. This goal is well advanced. With funds committed from the Environmental Protection Fund and a Federal appropriation through HUD, the New York State Department of Environmental protection is in the process of putting out to bid the construction of this facility. Groundbreaking is expected in the late spring of 2014, with expected completion of the facility in the fall of 2014.

2. To furnish and purchase the needed Information Technology equipment for the facility. This is the responsibility of the non-State entities of the partnership, under the leadership of The Catskill Center. The partnership led by The Catskill Center has made plans to this end, has already secured some of the needed funds, and, through the Catskill Gateway Gala to be held on April 12, 2014, expects to raise further funds for this purpose.

3. To develop the grounds that surround the facility that will house the Interpretive Center. There are plans for a fire tower, an amphitheatre and for an open air pavilion, as well as for a native plants garden.

4. To manage and operate the Maurice D. Hinchey Catskill Interpretive Center. Several governmental and conservation organizations, including the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, The Friends of the Catskill Interpretive Center, Catskill Mountainkeeper, The New York/New Jersey Trail Conference, The Catskill Mountain Club, The Central Catskills Chamber of Commerce, and Ulster County NY Tourism, and the Empire State Railroad Museum, have formed a partnership to manage and operate the Interpretive Center with The Catskill Center as the Managing Partner. This partnership of organizations is expanding its membership. The intention is that the Interpretive Center will be operated by volunteers, members or employees of these organizations.



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